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CDFIs Believe People and Place Matter

Rural America is full of strength and possibility, but investment in rural communities lags. Today, 7 million people in rural America are persistently poor, meaning they have lived in poverty for 30 years or more. Far too often, people in poor rural areas are encouraged to seek opportunity elsewhere.

CDFIs know that place matters. Rural America is 14% of the country’s population and 85% of its land mass — we won’t just write it all off and tell people to move. Instead, CDFIs are often the strongest locally-based partners for rural economic development work. We partner with leaders in rural communities to creatively address economic difficulties and attract and increase private investment.

Investment in rural America transforms outcomes for people and communities. Our financing supports local businesses and development projects, sparks job growth in areas needing it most, and delivers sound financial returns and real change for rural people and communities.

CDFIs Finance Rural Solutions

CDFIs support rural infrastructure, housing, banking, small business, and healthcare with local collaboration, capital, resources, and perseverance. In 2020, CDFIs originated an estimated $5.9 billion in financing in rural areas.

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What is a CDFI?

CDFIs invest in people and places, not credit boxes.

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