Economic Justice Partnership Fund


Partners for the Common Good (PCG) and OFN have partnered to create the Economic Justice Partnership Fund (EJP) to support primarily smaller and medium sized CDFIs that have difficulty efficiently accessing sufficient capital for larger transactions. Using EJP, CDFIs can provide flexible loans of up to $6 million for affordable housing and community facilities projects across the country.


  • Project loan amount: Up to $6 million
  • Term: Up to 6 years
  • Allowable uses: Acquisition, construction, and mini-permanent loans for affordable housing and community facilities supporting low- to moderate-income communities.
  • Fund owners: PCG and OFN are co-owners of the fund, with PCG serving as the contract underwriter, loan servicer, and fund manager. Investors include commercial banks, large CDFIs, and other financing institutions.

Apply Now!

If your CDFI is interested in applying for EJP funding, please contact Andrew Baldwin, Chief Lending and Credit Officer at PCG. You can also watch our webinar about EJP for more details.


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