OFN Board of Directors

Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) Board members are passionate about OFN’s core mission, committed to our core values of justice and excellence, and determined to lead the opportunity finance industry in exciting, innovative new directions. Serving on the Board is a unique opportunity to help set the path for the opportunity finance industry’s future.

Donna Gambrell - Board of Directors

Donna Gambrell

Chair, Chief Executive Officer, Appalachian Community Capital

David Beck - Board of Directors

David Beck

Director of Public Policy and Media Relations, Self-Help Credit Union

Aisha Benson - Board of Directors

Aisha Benson

Executive Vice President, TruFund Financial Services, Inc.

Betsy Biemann - Board of Directors

Betsy Biemann

Vice Chair, Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

Marla Bilonick - Board of Directors

Marla Bilonick

President and CEO, National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders

Elena Gonzales - Board of Directors

Elena Gonzales

Senior Director, Policy & Community Engagement, Homewise, Inc.

Carla Mannings - Board of Directors

Carla Mannings

Senior Vice President and Relationship Manager, City First Bank

Lisa Mensah - Board of Directors

Lisa Mensah

President and CEO, Opportunity Finance Network

Ted Piccolo - Board of Directors

Ted Piccolo

Founding Director, Northwest Native Development Fund

Sara Razavi - Board of Directors

Sara Razavi

Chief Executive Officer, Working Solutions CDFI

Christina Travers - Board of Directors

Christina Travers

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, LISC

Robert Villarreal - Board of Directors

Robert Villarreal

Treasurer, External Affairs Chief, CDC Small Business Finance/Capital Impact Partners; President, Bankers Small Business CDC of California