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CDFIs Invest to Help Communities Thrive

The pillars of healthy 21st century lives and communities are nutritious food and clean drinking water, accessible healthcare, affordable, energy efficient housing, working broadband, community connection, responsible financial institutions, and vibrant neighborhoods. In many low-income, low-wealth communities these vital needs go unmet, the result of entrenched poverty and underinvestment.

CDFIs exist to help build healthy, equitable communities. Using traditional and innovative solutions, we finance essential assets in rural, urban, and Native communities traditionally underserved by mainstream finance.

CDFIs work with our public and private sector partners and local communities to invest in affordable housing development, climate change mitigation, healthy food hubs, healthcare and community facilities, small businesses, and much more.

Front-facing view of BMS Family Health and Wellness Center, a state-of-the-art healthcare center in Brooklyn, NY. CDFI Primary Care Development Corporation has provided $5.5 million in financing to BMS for various projects.

CDFI Transformation

CDFI partnership and investment transforms communities into places everyone wants to live — places where people thrive and contribute to their communities.


What is a CDFI?

CDFIs invest in people and places not credit boxes.

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CDFI clients are determined entrepreneurs with great ideas and drive to succeed.

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CDFIs work in rural, urban, and Native communities nationwide.

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