Mission and Vision


Opportunity Finance Network (OFN)’s mission through 2025 is to lead community development financial institutions (CDFIs) and their partners to ensure that low-income, low-wealth, and other underserved people and communities have access to affordable, responsible financial products and services.

Core Purpose and Vision

OFN exists to align capital with social, economic, climate, and political justice. This is OFN’s purpose. OFN will pursue this purpose for as long as it takes to achieve. When capital and justice are aligned, all people will have the resources and opportunities to act in the best interests of their communities, themselves, and future generations. This is OFN’s vision.

Core Values

OFN’s work is bounded by two values that anchor all that we do:


Every facet of our work should be directed toward and reflect an unwavering commitment to fair and equal access to, opportunity in, and responsibility for social, economic, and political life. For us, justice is a unifying value.


The people and communities CDFIs serve have a right to expect excellence, and we have a responsibility to provide it. A commitment to excellence is a statement of respect for our customers, investors, funders, staff, board, and members.


What is a CDFI?

CDFIs invest in people and places not credit boxes.

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CDFI clients are determined entrepreneurs with great ideas and drive to succeed.

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CDFI financing and financial education help people realize their full potential and contribute to thriving communities.

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