Growing Microfinance to Scale


OFN’s Growing Microfinance to Scale webinars, supported by Capital One Investing for Good, aimed to help CDFIs grow their microfinance portfolios to scale.

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Growing Microfinance to Scale Webinar Series

Below is an archive of Growing Microfinance to Scale webinars.

Video Lending Life Cycle Part 1

Lending Life Cycle Part I: Customer Acquisition to Loan Closing

Want to improve your CDFI’s lending processes? Feel uncertain about how to identify potential borrowers, underwrite and close loans efficiently, or manage risk in your portfolio? Join this two-part webinar to learn best practices for improving performance across your organization’s lending life cycle. The webinars highlight key aspects of the lending process, from loan sourcing to loan approval to working with borrowers in collections.

Hosted on 6/12/2014

Underwriting to Scale Microfinance

Underwriting to Scale Microfinance

A robust risk management approach is essential for organizations that want to sustain growth. So what does that look like and what are some of the potential pitfalls? This webinar offers insights for organizations that want to build an underwriting approach on a firm risk management foundation that takes into account issues of scale, efficiency, technology, and team. The presenters offer key learnings about how to balance growth and risk within your micro enterprise lending program.

Hosted on 4/16/2014

Video Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition: Reaching and Retaining Your Customers

New market challenges, increased competition, demand for diversified products, more selective customers … today’s reality makes it more imperative than ever to reach and retain the customers your organization needs to grow. Learn how to identify and reach your most important customers using marketing tactics that work. Tune in for a demonstration of how LinkedIn can be leveraged for customer acquisition.

Hosted on 3/27/2014

The Path to Loan Repayment

The Path to Loan Repayment

Strong microloan portfolios don’t just happen, they are built over time with care, attention, and a strong culture of loan repayment. This webinar explores the psychology of collections from a mission-focused perspective that helps practitioners build portfolio management approaches using techniques that go to the heart of strong, effective community development finance. This webinar offers value to practitioners with any role in a microenterprise loan fund, including executive directors, customer service staff, loan officers, underwriters, and collectors.

Hosted on 2/20/2014


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