Climate Change & Resilience

CDFIs Invest in Sustainability and Climate Change Solutions

Climate change affects all of us. However, it disproportionally impacts people in lower-income, lower-wealth communities who are more likely to be exposed to climate change risks and more susceptible to its damage. It’s also harder for these communities to offset climate change’s impacts and recover from its effects — solutions, like solar heating or housing renovations, are prohibitively expensive for many.

CDFIs help mitigate climate catastrophe through financing for people and projects underserved by traditional financial institutions. Many CDFIs finance energy efficiency and weatherization upgrades for older homes, clean energy projects, and sustainable businesses. Increasingly, CDFIs in rural, urban, and Native communities are investing in and helping communities transition to new economic engines, such as transitioning from coal to renewable energy.

More than lenders, CDFIs also help people learn new jobs skills in climate-supporting industries so they can secure a decent livelihood for themselves and their families.

A group of people install a solar panel in a 10-acre solar garden owned by the Denver Housing Authority.

CDFIs Drive Climate Change Solutions and Resiliency

CDFIs finance individuals and organizations underserved by traditional finance and can attract additional investment dollars to climate change solutions.

In 2019, OFN member CDFIs made more than 1,000 loans and invested more than $444 million in energy-related financing. These green loans included energy production, energy efficiency projects, and supporting small businesses involved in energy production or efficiency-related projects.


Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

CDFIs are the right vehicle to bring green finance where it’s needed most.

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Renewable and Energy Efficiency Financing Grant

CDFIs are essential partners in offsetting the impacts of climate change.

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Environmental Justice

CDFIs invest in the most urgent issues of our time to create sustainable change.

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