Meet the 2023 candidates-Aisha Benson

Aisha Benson  

President and CEO, Nonprofit Finance Fund

Aisha’s Candidate Statement

It is with great enthusiasm that I put forth my candidacy for a second full term on OFN’s Board of Directors. I am honored to be considered for this position. 

I am the CEO of Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF), a national CDFI that serves as a nonprofit lender, consultant, and advocate. I have more than 30 years of experience financing nonprofits, small and midsize businesses, and real estate projects. At both commercial banks and CDFIs, I’ve worked on everything from technical assistance and small-scale lending to large acquisition loans and NMTC transactions. I’ve helped raise millions of dollars of capital for the CDFIs I’ve worked for, advocated to leaders in business and government for greater investment in CDFIs’ critical work, and been a consistent thought leader in the CDFI space.

In addition to my current roles at NFF and on the Board of Directors of OFN, I bring this experience to other Boards, including the NMTC Coalition, New York State CDFI Coalition, and the Advisory Board of the Carsey Center for Impact Finance.

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