Using Data to Drive Investment and Impact

Recently, Reinvestment Fund President and CEO Donald Hinkle-Brown published an article explaining how CDFIs and other community lenders can use data and research to target investments in ways that create real impact.

“The idea of using data to drive effective investments and interventions isn’t new,” Hinkle-Brown states in the article. “Within technology and retail companies, data permeates all aspects of operations—information is used to guide everything from shaping user experiences to influencing consumer purchases. At Reinvestment Fund, and in the community development and finance world more generally, data allows us to better understand the landscape above any one transaction and helps ensure that decisions rely on fact rather than instinct, local bias, or politics.”

Hinkle-Brown’s article is part of IFF CEO Joe Neri’s blog series, which aims to introduce a continuum of activities that CDFIs need to conduct in order to better align capital with justice. 

Read the full article.