Urban Institute Essay Series Explores Federal Strategies to Support Inclusive Neighborhoods

The Opportunity for All project is based on a simple premise: every family should live in a neighborhood that supports their well-being and their children’s ability to thrive. But today, too many families, particularly families of color, live in neighborhoods that have suffered from decades of disinvestment, have been displaced from neighborhoods that are revitalizing, and are excluded from neighborhoods with opportunity-enhancing amenities. Racist public policies have created and reinforced this uneven landscape, but better policies can instead support fairer and more just access to opportunity. The federal government has a particularly important role because of the scale of its resources and its ability to level the playing field across places.

In this essay series, Urban Institute scholars, community leaders, and national experts, including OFN President and CEO Lisa Mensah, are working together to explore how the federal government can help all neighborhoods become places of opportunity and inclusion. Although these essays address multiple policy areas, they all aim to end the systems that tie Americans’ chances of success to their race or the place they grow up.

Read the Opportunity for All essay series.

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