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OFN Unveils New Website Aimed at Enhancing Support for CDFIs 

Caroline Valvardi

Notice anything different about We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new website! In 2021, we began the process of overhauling the OFN website to create a better experience for visitors and to more effectively communicate to new supporters what CDFIs do and the industry’s deep impact in low-income, low-wealth communities across America.  

Highlights of the new OFN website include: 

  • More elegant and intuitive web design
  • Original photography and video footage of CDFI-funded small businesses, affordable housing, community facilities, and other projects supported by OFN members
  • Brand-new sections to educate private and public sector partners about investing in CDFIs
  • Brand-new sections outlining key CDFI industry priorities
  • Enhanced responsiveness on mobile and other devices
  • And much more! 

As you explore the new OFN website, please note some URLs for pages you may be used to visiting have changed. If you have feedback or questions you’d like to share, join the conversation on CDFI Connect

Thank you to the All Around Creative team for partnering with us to create this new and significantly improved tool for the CDFI industry!