In Gratitude to a Departing OFN Leader

A message from Donna Gambrell, Board Chair at Opportunity Finance Network:

On behalf of the OFN board, I’d like to express a deep appreciation to Andy Givens, OFN’s Chief Operating Officer, as he begins a new chapter in his life. 

Some individuals leave a lasting impression no matter the length of their tenure at an organization, and Andy is one of those individuals. Having spent over two decades working in both the private and public and sectors, he brought a high level of expertise, political savvy, and a passion for community and economic development to OFN. Most of all, Andy brought his heart — and a desire to build a workplace culture focused on collaboration, support, and humor.

We’re grateful that Andy willingly took on tasks to help move OFN to the next level.

We will miss Andy, and we wish him well.