The Housing Fund Launches New Program for Nashville Homeowners with $2.25 Million Amazon Donation

On December 7, Amazon announced a $2.25 million donation to Nashville-based OFN member The Housing Fund. With this new capital injection, The Housing Fund is launching The Housing Resiliency Fund, which aims to help at least 500 local homeowners at risk of losing their homes due to surging housing costs from recent tornado damage, the COVID-induced recession, and property tax hikes. 

While The Housing Fund has had one of its most impactful years ever by helping 200 families make down payments to buy homes, partners like Amazon will allow them to do much more, especially as the effects of the pandemic and tax hike become more acute for low- and moderate-income Nashville homeowners.

“The solutions aren’t very difficult to come up with. Most of the time, it’s about resources,” Crawford said. “The families we help need the nonprofit community, they need local government, they need financial institutions, but even more importantly, they need corporate entities like Amazon to say, ‘All of this is our problem and we can be part of the solution.’ A lot of individuals we serve work for industries. Amazon, Bridgestone, HCA, Nissan — we’re serving their employees. When we’re all at the table, everyone’s a winner.”

Read this article from the Nashville Business Journal to learn more.

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