Global Impact Investing Network Releases 2019 Annual Impact Investor Survey

The Global Impact Investing Network’s (GIIN) 2019 Annual Impact Investor Survey demonstrates the increasing scale and maturity of the impact investing industry. The report draws on responses from 266 leading impact investing organizations from around the world, including fund managers, foundations, banks, development finance institutions, family offices, pension funds, and others. These respondents collectively manage USD 239 billion, a subset of the total USD 502 billion in the market.

In its ninth edition, the Annual Impact Investor Survey provides data and insights on impact investors’ motivations, activities, and perspectives on market progress and remaining challenges. Analysis of trends among a subset of 83 four-year repeat Survey respondents—those who responded in both 2014 and 2018—offers further insight into market growth.

In all, the 2019 Annual Impact Investor Survey finds that:

  • The impact investing market is diverse 
  • It continues to grow and mature
  • Impact measurement and management is central to investors’ goals and practices
  • Impact investors report performance in line with both financial and impact expectations
  • Impact investors indicate commitment to developing the industry.

Explore in-depth analysis of market activity and trends in the report.