Nominations Open for 2022 Ned Gramlich Lifetime Achievement Award for Responsible Finance

This October during the 2022 OFN Conference in New York City, OFN will present the Ned Gramlich Lifetime Achievement Award for Responsible Finance.

At this time, we invite all OFN members, allies, and other industry partners to help select the 2022 winner of this prestigious award. Please consider nominating industry leaders who have dedicated their lives to aligning capital with justice.

Nominations are due Thursday, August 25. All nominations also require two seconds, which are due Friday, August 26. Between the nominator and the seconds, two of the seconds must come from outside the nominee’s organization.

Before submitting your nomination, please visit our website to learn more about the Gramlich Award and review the list of prior honorees. Also, please note previous winners, and current OFN Board members are not eligible for the award.

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