2023 CDFI Loan Fund Compensation Survey Report


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The 2023 CDFI Loan Fund Compensation Survey Report is a valuable resource that can help CDFIs recruit, reward, and retain high-quality employees. The report is a comprehensive examination of CDFI loan fund compensation data from 154 CDFIs across the country. For CDFIs that are in expansion mode or those now budgeting for 2024, this report will be helpful in setting compensation levels for new positions.

The report includes:

  • Compensation for 64 benchmark positions, including the Chief Executive Officer — a significant increase compared to 45 positions in the 2021 report
  • Compensation for the top five compensated executive and senior management positions (ranked by total cash compensation)

With permission from the American Bankers Association, we have reproduced the most relevant cuts of data from their 2023 Compensation & Benefits Survey for positions in this survey, to provide mainstream bank data for reference purposes.

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