New communities groups and enhanced experience for CDFI Practionners on OFN's open forum, CDFI Connect.

New Community Groups and Enhanced Experience for CDFI Practioners 

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CDFI Connect, the open forum for CDFI professionals, industry investors, career seekers, and more to learn the industry from the inside out, has been updated to create a more valuable space for users. 

For CDFI practitioners, OFN members, investors, funders, or anyone looking to learn about the industry, CDFI Connect is your one-stop shop to share ideas, listen, learn, ask questions, and connect. In other words, a community. 

With niche sub-communities focused on climate lending, marketing and communications, operations and technology, and more, CDFI Connect is a place for lively, informative conversations. It houses valuable resources, including CDFI 101 and other toolkits, a job board, and a calendar where members can promote their upcoming events.  

“The platform’s most significant value lies in its ability to bring together like-minded professionals in the CDFI sector,” said Enrique Blanco, interim executive director at Latino Economic Development Center. “What I appreciate the most is the accessibility of practical resources such as toolkits and the opportunity to engage with experts from diverse backgrounds. It’s not just a platform; it’s a learning and networking hub.” 

OFN has identified opportunities to make the platform more seamless, engaging, and, most importantly, useful for our users. Here is an overview of the updates you’ll find on the optimized platform.  

New and refreshed communities 

The updates come in response to feedback from members and evolving trends in the industry. We’ve added two new groups to CDFI Connect: Public Policy and Consultant Connections (more on this below). Further, we’ve refreshed the Climate Mitigation & Adaptation, Research & Impact Measurement, and Operations & Technology communities. We’ve streamlined the purpose and description of these groups to prompt more meaningful and relevant conversations.  

(Didn’t see what you were looking for? You can view all the active communities here.)  

An improved user experience and less spam 

To help new and returning users to the platform, we have created an FAQ page and are bringing back Tip Tuesday to help users navigate and engage with the platform.  

We’ve updated the Community Guidelines with a more robust “no-solicitation” policy and implemented a new policy to suspend users who repeatedly violate the guidelines. At the same time, we’ve added a Consultant Connections community to provide a dedicated space for users looking for industry service providers or consultants.  

Join Us!

If you’re already a member of CDFI Connect, we invite you to join a new or refreshed community group! If you aren’t on the platform yet, join CDFI Connect to keep up-to-date with key industry conversations, events, jobs, resources, and more. 

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