Company: Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC)

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Job Function: Business Development


Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) is Philadelphia’s public-private economic development corporation. As a private, non-profit organization founded in 1958 as a partnership of the City of Philadelphia and the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, our mission is to grow a global economy through inclusive economic development that ultimately achieves a high quality of life for all who live and work in Philadelphia. PIDC works with companies of all sizes driving growth to every corner of Philadelphia. We work on projects big and small with businesses, developers, and non-profits in every sector.

PIDC is committed to driving transformative growth for Philadelphians with a human-centered approach by directing our financial and real estate services, knowledge, and networks toward creating a vibrant and sustainable Philadelphia. To achieve this mission, PIDC focuses on five areas:

  • CAPACITY: Create and sustain internal capacity and external partnerships to scale the availability and breadth of economic development resources and solutions.
  • CAPITAL ACCESS AND SERVICES: Expand financing and business support services to benefit under-resourced communities and marginalized populations.
  • LAND USE: Catalyze development of projects that create quality jobs, advance equity, and promote sustainability.
  • KNOWLEDGE AND NETWORKS: Share knowledge and networks to respond to clients, partners, and market needs.
  • EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING: Elevate the physical, mental, and financial well-being of PIDC employees and provide opportunity for each to thrive and grow professionally.


The President is elected by the Board of Directors as its Chief Executive Officer and has general charge and supervisory authority over the business and affairs of PIDC, subject to control and direction of the Board. The President leads PIDC’s strategies, resources, products, transactions, and partnerships, promoting investment and development that drives inclusive economic and job growth to every part of Philadelphia.

The President develops and manages relationships with business, governmental, civic, and philanthropic leaders and organizations throughout the City and region to advance job growth and development throughout the City; and is responsible for the management of all strategic and operational activities of the organization and its related and affiliated entities.

The President shall accomplish the following responsibilities directly, or through oversight of an Executive Management Team, as appropriate.

Mission and Strategic Direction

  • Develop and communicate PIDC’s mission, vision, values, and strategy, in collaboration with the Board of Directors, staff, and stakeholders, and translate into strategic plans with pragmatic tactics and activities, including measurable annual goals and objectives.
  • Identify key gaps in the marketplace and develop products and services required to achieve PIDC’s mission and strategic direction.
  • Ensure ongoing commitment to excellence through regular evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of products, services, and programs.

Financial Performance and Capitalization

  • Oversee the financial management and fiscal integrity of PIDC.
  • Submit a proposed budget for approval annually and provide regular periodic performance statements to the Board of Directors to ensure that PIDC operates within the approved budget, maximizes resource utilization, and maintains a positive financial position.
  • Ensure completion of annual audits, tax filings and compliance required by regulatory agencies and investors.
  • Oversee capitalization and play a leading external role in fundraising activities necessary to support PIDC’s operations and mission, including capitalization of real estate and financing products and services and overall organizational capacity.
  • Drive earned revenue growth and financial sustainability of the organization through the development of new client relationships, products and services, and partnerships with appropriate fee structures.


Operations and Management

  • Provide executive leadership for the entire operation of PIDC including strategy, communications, public affairs and government relations, business development, capitalization and fundraising, business operations, hiring and personnel decisions, and the delivery of real estate and financial products and services.
  • Identify key operating risks and develop and execute strategies to appropriately mitigate those risks.
  • Engage with staff, clients, and stakeholders to identify new business opportunities, structures, and facilitate transactions, products, services, strategies, and policies that promote inclusive growth and development, especially to people, businesses and areas that need it most.
  • Attract, retain, and develop a diverse and experienced team.
  • Embed an organization-wide commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion ensuring consistency from leadership to all staff and throughout the overall employee experience.
  • Adopt human capital policies, practices, and training that incorporate the needs, consider the viewpoints, and value the assets of the diverse communities that PIDC serves.
  • Evaluate and adopt strategies to respond to shifts in workforce trends and the evolving nature of the future of work.
  • Evolve internal policies, with engagement from team members across the organization, to promote environmental sustainability and mitigate environmental impacts of PIDC’s operational activities.
  • Support the executive and senior leadership team while also cultivating and developing diverse talent for future leadership opportunities.
  • Develop, establish, and utilize organizational performance measurement standards and report results to the Board of Directors and staff.

Business Development and Public Engagement

  • Demonstrate knowledge and mastery of PIDC’s history, current activities and strategies, and future objectives.
  • Represent PIDC to external audiences, foster strong positive relationships and image, and communicate PIDC’s mission, strategic initiatives, and operational activities among the organization’s clients, investors, and public and private sector stakeholders and constituents.
  • Initiate and build strong relationships with clients, investors, stakeholders and all constituencies around job growth and development throughout Philadelphia and the region.
  • Identify and pursue new business and revenue opportunities with clients and partners.
  • Participate and drive government relations and public policy initiatives directly on behalf of PIDC and in partnership with key City and Chamber of Commerce economic growth priorities, including outreach and engagement with City, State, and Federal legislators.
  • Act as chief spokesperson for the organization.

Board Governance

  • Work with the Board of Directors to fulfill PIDC’s mission.
  • Serve as the principal liaison to the Board of Directors and key committees.
  • Implement the policies established by the Board of Directors through the administration of PIDC and its activities.
  • Support the Chairman in preparation and execution of Board agendas and meetings, providing input, information, and feedback between PIDC and the Board of Directors.
  • Communicate effectively with the Board of Directors and provide, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions.
  • Develop, maintain, and support a strong Board of Directors and related Committees.



  • At least five years of executive leadership experience at the C-level of a non-profit or economic development organization of similar size and complexity to PIDC, with prior experience as chief executive officer preferred.
  • At least fifteen years of work experience in economic and community development, real estate development, financial services, non-profit management, public-private partnerships, philanthropy, community investment, or a field related directly to PIDC’s work, demonstrating progressive management and leadership responsibilities.
  • Strong technical skills and experience in real estate and finance.
  • Demonstrated track record of success in initiating and managing business relationships and driving new business and revenue opportunities.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing innovative strategies, products, transactions, and public-private partnerships to advance economic development or community investment goals.
  • Clearly demonstrated experience and ability to convey a vision of PIDC’s impact and strategic future to staff, board, investors, stakeholders, and public-private partners.
  • Strong leadership skills, with experience developing and managing staff; developing and advancing organizational priorities; and being visible both internally and externally as a senior leader.
  • Strong relationships in the Philadelphia market or the demonstrated ability to quickly establish and develop relationships to support PIDC’s staff, clients, partners, and work, particularly in the business community, government, philanthropy, and the civic sector.
  • Demonstrated experience working with diverse staff, clients, and stakeholders, and a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator with exceptional interpersonal and multidisciplinary project management abilities.
  • Appropriate computer skills, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Passion for the city of Philadelphia and enthusiasm for PIDC’s mission.
  • Commitment to, and enthusiasm for, PIDC’s public policy mission to attract investment, jobs, and tax ratables to help improve the quality of life in Philadelphia.
  • Ability to travel throughout the entire city of Philadelphia, as well as occasional travel for meetings and conferences. Must possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required.
  • A Philadelphia resident at the time of hire or relocation is required, as is continued residency within six (6) months.


  • A strong leader, both internally and externally. More of a servant leader that doesn’t need credit or attention and sees their role as supporting others. Needs to be able to be/become a civic leader around growing the pie.
  • Direct experience working in a political environment and the temperament and skills to manage through that to be successful.
  • An appreciation for and experience with how decisions get made in government and how to build successful coalitions within and across government and private industry.
  • Experience in managing and developing an organization, particularly staff growth and development, as well as direct P&L responsibility in driving growth and profitably.
  • Leading “Delivery Transformation” of new digital platforms.
  • Experience in managing loan portfolios with goals centered around minimal loan loss and reserve requirements.
  • Committed to achieving positive Operating Leverage.
  • Maintaining and improving our Aeris Rating.
  • Capital Stack/Investor attraction and Diversification.
  • Fintech Structure Adoption.

An advanced degree in finance, economics, business, real estate, law, public administration, planning, or a field directly related to PIDC’s work preferred.

Compensation and Benefits

A competitive compensation package will be made available to the qualified candidate

How to Apply

To apply, please visit