The Road Ahead: How OFN Will Invest in Change in 2022-2024

Donna Gambrell, OFN Board Chair, and Amber Kuchar-Bell, OFN Chief Strategy and Operations Officer

For many of us, the arrival of September marks a kind of re-set, a time to focus, and the start of a busy autumn following summer’s lull. 
It is in this spirit that OFN shares our new 2022–2024 strategic plan, Invest in Change. The updated plan outlines our strategic priorities in the areas of Money, Strength, Voice, and Operations. 
OFN’s last strategic plan was released in 2011 and covered 15 years. But the world of 2011 and the world of 2022 are not the same. A changed world has different needs and priorities. We saw this and we heard this from our members. We know that CDFIs need expanded financial resources. You need new models of operating efficiency. You need a stronger narrative to make the case for the industry. These needs are reflected in our plan’s priorities.  
At no point in the history of our industry have we been better positioned for growth and greater impact than we are today. We invite you to explore Invest in Change and learn about our plans to support our CDFI members and the industry for the next three years. 
A new season is upon us. We are getting to work.