Recap of OFN Q&A with the CDFI Fund on the Equitable Recovery Program

Ashley Austin

On July 21, OFN welcomed nearly 200 CDFI industry peers from across the country for our Q&A with the CDFI Fund on the Equitable Recovery Program (CDFI ERP). CDFI Fund Senior Advisor Daniel Aiello discussed the CDFI ERP, which will provide approximately $1.73 billion in awards to certified CDFIs.  

These awards will be offered to: 

  1. Expand lending, grant making, and investment activities in Low- or Moderate-Income communities and to borrowers, including minorities, that have significant unmet capital or financial services needs and were disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic; and  
  1. Enable CDFIs to build organizational capacity and acquire technology, staff, and other tools necessary to accomplish the activities under a CDFI ERP Award.  

After Daniel walked the group through the CDFI ERP, and how to apply on, he fielded questions from attendees.  

The application deadline for the CDFI ERP is September 22, 2022 (recently extended from August 23). 

Access OFN’s webinar recording in the Open Forum on CDFI Connect. You can also visit the CDFI Fund website for more details.

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