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OFN Is Looking for Our Next Chief Investment & Network Officer! 

Do you know an inspiring, energetic, entrepreneurial, collegial team leader with a strong track record who is ready to fight for big change in our financial system? OFN is searching for our next Chief Investment & Network Officer!  

The Chief Investment and Network Officer (CINO) is responsible for the strategy, development, implementation, and risk management of OFN’s financial services and network operations. The CINO is responsible for the oversight of OFN’s current assets under management of $1 billion, including its loans and investments to members and its role as qualified issuer under the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program of the U.S. Treasury. The CINO will oversee the management and enhancement of these existing financial programs to ensure they continue to be relevant for our growing membership. The CINO also leads a team responsible for growing the membership of OFN and for the support services that will strengthen these CDFI members through peer events, training, and research. 

“Our movement for financial justice and social change needs a fighter who is energized to use the current moment for long term change,” says OFN President and CEO Lisa Mensah. “The Chief Investment and Network officer is a leader who is ready to walk softly into elite boardrooms and humble storefronts but carry a big torch so that both the CDFI network and investors can see the way.” 

Learn more about this exciting role and please share widely with your networks!