Juneteenth Celebration of CDFIs

Lina Page

This week OFN invites you to join us in a Juneteenth Celebration of CDFIs.

OFN is honoring the anniversary of that historic day in 1865 when the Union troops arrived in Texas to share the news of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Confederacy’s loss to the Union Army with freed slaves.

Known as Juneteenth, the day of June 19 has since marked freedom from slavery for Black Americans.

Yet, 156 years later, jubilation is complicated by the fact that America’s promise of liberty and justice for all isn’t realized. Racial, economic, and social injustice, as well as huge wealth and opportunity gaps, hold millions of Americans back and keep our nation from realizing its true promise.

OFN is proud that CDFIs help address this unfinished work, using capital as a tool for economic freedom for Black communities and all communities left behind by mainstream finance.

“As we mark the joy of the end of slavery this week, cavernous wealth gaps and painful social and racial inequalities remind us that the nation’s promise of liberty and justice for all remains unfulfilled for every American,” said OFN President and CEO Lisa Mensah. “Millions of Americans seeking capital are overlooked and left stranded without the financial tools to reach their full potential. CDFIs help fill this gap for Black, Brown, Native, rural, and other communities. We provide the loans that support the hallmarks of vibrant communities: small businesses, jobs, affordable housing, and community facilities.”

Beginning today and leading up to June 19, OFN is showcasing several CDFIs for their work to #FinanceJustice and help fulfill Juneteenth’s promise of emancipation with investments in Black-owned businesses and community hubs.

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