CDFI Fund Announces $194 Million in Awards to 252 Organizations 

CDFI Fund Announces $194 Million in Awards to 252 Organizations 

Mary Scott Balys, Vice President of Public Policy, OFN

More Than 150 OFN Members Receive Awards from CDFI Fund Financial Assistance and Native American CDFI Assistance Programs

On February 28, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund) awarded 252 organizations $194.1 million in Financial Assistance (FA) awards for the FY 2022 Community Development Financial Institutions Program and Native American CDFI Assistance Program.  About one-third of OFN members received awards under these programs (see list below).

Funding for these programs is provided through the annual appropriations process. The next application round of funding will open in late 2023 and the CDFI Fund plans to run a combined round of the funding appropriated for FY 2023 and the funding that will be appropriated for FY 2024. This combined round will allow the Fund time to solicit feedback on the applications for the FA and TA programs. The CDFI Fund recently released a request for comment on the FA/TA applications. Comments are due to the Fund by May 12, 2023.   

With Congress starting the appropriations process for the next fiscal year, OFN will continue to advocate for at least $1 billion in grant funding for CDFIs across the federal government. 

Join OFN’s public policy team for a webinar on March 28 for a policy update and to learn more about the proposed changes to the FA/TA application, CDFI Fund appropriations advocacy, and how you can get involved! Register here.

OFN Member Financial Assistance Award Recipients 


  • Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs
  • African Economic Development Solutions 
  • Albany Community Together 
  • Apex Fund for Economic Opportunities
  • Appalachian Assistive Technology Loan Fund 
  • Appalachian Community Capital Corporation 
  • Appalachian Growth Capital, LLC 
  • Ascendus


  • B:Side Fund 
  • Baltimore Community Lending 
  • Black Business Investment Fund
  • Build Fund, LLC
  • Business Expansion Funding Corporation


  • California Coastal Rural Development Corporation 
  • Capital for Change 
  • Capital Impact Partners
  • Carolina Community Impact
  • Catalytic Development Funding Corp. of Northern Kentucky
  • CBA Fund
  • Century Housing Corporation 
  • Chicago Community Loan Fund 
  • Cincinnati Development Fund 
  • Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation 
  • City First Enterprises
  • Clearinghouse Community Development Financial Institution 
  • Cleveland Development Advisors Community Reinvestment Fund 
  • Coastal Enterprises 
  • Colorado Enterprise Fund 
  • Communities Unlimited
  • Community First Fund
  • Community First Fund Federal Credit Union
  • Community Health Center Capital Fund
  • Community Housing Capital 
  • Community Housing Services Agency 
  • Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region
  • Community Redevelopment Loan and Investment Fund 
  • Community Reinvestment Fund
  • Community Ventures Corporation, Inc.
  • Corporation for Supportive Housing
  • Craft3 


  • Disability Fund 
  • DreamSpring


  • ECDC Enterprise Development Group
  • Economic and Community Development Institute (ECDI) 
  • El Paso Collaborative for Community and Economic Development
  • Enterprise Center Capital Corporation 
  • Enterprise Community Loan Fund  
  • Entre Capital, LLC 


  • Feed the Hunger Fund
  • Finance Fund Capital Corporation
  • First Children’s Finance 
  • Flagship Enterprise Capital 
  • Florida Community Loan Fund 
  • Foodshed Capital 


  • Genesis Fund 
  • Genesis LA Economic Growth Corporation 
  • Grameen America 
  • Great Falls Development Authority 
  • Greater Minnesota Housing Fund 
  • Grow America Fund 
  • Grow South Dakota 
  • Growth Partners Arizona


  • Habitat for Humanity of Iowa 
  • Habitat Mortgage Solutions, LLC 
  • Home Headquarters 
  • Homewise 
  • Hope Enterprise Corporation 
  • Hope Federal Credit Union 
  • Housing Assistance Council 
  • Housing Partnership Fund


  • Impact Development Fund 
  • Impact Seven, Incorporated  
  • Inclusive Action for the City 
  • Invest PGH 


  • JARI Growth Fund, Inc. 
  • Just Community, LLC 
  • Justine Petersen Housing & Reinvestment Corporation 


  • Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation


  • Lake Superior Community Development Corp. 
  • Latino Community Credit Union 
  • Latino Economic Development Center 
  • Leviticus 25:23 Alternative Fund 
  • LiftFund 
  • Local Government Federal Credit Union 
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation 
  • Louisville Housing Opportunities and Micro-Enterprise Community Development Loan Fund
  • Lowell Community Loan Fund 
  • Lower East Side Peoples Federal Credit Union 


  • MentorWorks Education Capital 
  • Miami Bayside Foundation 
  • Michigan Women’s Foundation  
  •  Midwest Housing Development Fund
  • Montana Community Development Corporation
  • Montana Homeownership Network


  • National Community Investment Fund
  • National Housing Trust Community Development Fund 
  • NCRC Community Development Fund
  • Nebraska Enterprise Fund
  • NeighborGood Partners 
  • Neighborhood Community Development Fund 
  • Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Berks 
  • Network for Oregon Affordable Housing 
  • New Hampshire Community Loan Fund 
  • NewTown Loans, LLC 
  • Northeast Entrepreneur Fund 
  • Northwest Access Fund 
  • NYBDC Local Development Corporation 


  • Opening Doors
  • Oweesta Corporation


  • Park Manor Christian Church Credit Union 
  • Partner Community Capital 
  • Partners for the Common Good 
  • People Trust
  • PIDC Community Capital 
  • Propel Nonprofits 


  • REDF Impact Investing Fund
  • Reinvestment Fund
  • Renaissance Community Loan Fund
  • Rio Grande Valley Multibank Corporation 
  • Rural Community Assistance Corporation


  • Small Business Assistance Corporation
  • Solitas House 
  • St. Louis Community Credit Union


  • TCHFH Lending
  • TMCCommunityCapital 
  • Triple Bottom Line Foundation 
  • TruFund Financial Services, Inc. 


  • Ventana Fund 
  • Ventura County Community Development 
  • Vermont-Slauson LDC
  • Vital Healthcare Capital


  • Westminster Economic Development Initiative 
  • Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation 
  • Women’s Venture Fund 
  • Woodlands Community Lenders 

OFN Member Native American CDFI Assistance Recipients 

  • Akiptan, Inc 
  • Chi Ishobak, Inc. 
  • First American Capital Corporation, Inc. 
  • Four Bands Community Fund, Inc. 
  • Four Directions Development Corporation  
  • Haa Yakaawu Financial Corporation  
  • Indian Land Capital Company, LLC  
  • Lakota Federal Credit Union  
  • Lakota Fund, Inc.  
  • Leech Lake Financial Services, Inc.  
  • Lei Hoolaha  
  • Native360 Loan Fund, Inc.  
  • Nimiipuu Community Development Fund  
  • Northwest Native Development Fund  
  • White Earth Investment Initiative  
  • Wind River Development Fund  
  • Wisconsin Native Loan Fund, Inc.  

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