Aligning Capital with Justice: New Blog for CDFI Practitioners

Joe Neri, CEO at IFF

Effective CDFIs spend enormous amounts of time doing two things: raising capital and deploying loans. But as challenging and critical as those activities are, they’re simply not enough to achieve the true collective goal of the CDFI industry: aligning capital with justice.

In order to achieve that goal, we must engage in a continuum of activities beyond raising and deploying debt to build the pipeline of community-driven “investable projects” in all of our communities.

Join me as I explore this continuum and—with input from the CDFI community—provide examples of successful models that we can all replicate and riff off of to better serve our communities.

Do you have examples of programs, initiatives, efforts, and collaborations to share? Please check out my first blog post and be sure to contact me with your ideas!