Chief Executive Officer

Company: Propel Nonprofits

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Job Function: Other


Propel Nonprofits is an intermediary organization and federally certified community development financial institution (CDFI). We provide capacity-building services and access to capital to support nonprofits in achieving their missions including the ability to link strategy, governance, and finance and to support nonprofits throughout their organizational lifecycle. Propel Nonprofits was created from the 2017 merger of Nonprofits Assistance Fund and MAP for Nonprofits.


As the President and CEO of Propel Nonprofits, you will play a pivotal role in providing overall leadership, management, and strategic direction for the organization, ensuring the fulfillment of its mission, values, and purpose.


Your key responsibility will be to lead the organization in its commitment to fueling the impact and effectiveness of nonprofits through guidance, expertise, and capital. In this crucial role, you will drive meaningful change and create a lasting impact on the nonprofit sector. You will leverage your visionary leadership and foster strong relationships with partners to drive the organization forward and solidify its position as a trusted and transformative force within the nonprofit landscape. With your strategic acumen and passion for social impact, you will shape Propel Nonprofits’ future, establishing it as a beacon of support and empowerment for nonprofits dedicated to making a difference in their communities.


  • The ideal candidate “Must Have” a proven track record of non-profit leadership promoting racial equity and social justice, with 8+ years of executive or senior-level experience. A preferred BA or BS degree in a relevant field is desirable. The candidate should demonstrate expertise in designing inclusive programming and equitable hiring practices to address racial disparities effectively. They should deeply understand systemic issues and consistently apply a racial equity lens in decision-making processes
  • The ideal candidate “Must Have” a proven ability or extensive experience in developing a clear and compelling vision for an organization’s long-term growth and sustainability. They should demonstrate a strategic mindset in effectively identifying expansion opportunities, fostering strategic partnerships, and introducing innovative initiatives that align with the organization’s mission and values
  • The ideal candidate “Must Have” superior communication, presentation, and public speaking abilities. Their interpersonal skills should facilitate positive relationship management, demonstrating persuasiveness, negotiation, and diplomacy in their interactions
  • The ideal candidate “Must Have” a demonstrated history of active listening and effective team management, with a focus on promoting shared leadership principles. They should confidently introduce teams to the community and build unwavering trust among team members through skillful delegation, creating a supportive and productive environment. Their expertise lies in shared leadership and shaping organizational culture
  • The ideal candidate “Must Have” extensive prior experience in non-profit financial management and a strong understanding of governance practices, and comprehensive knowledge of financial capital and functioning of capital funding. They should be capable of developing and managing budgets, making sound financial decisions, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • The ideal candidate “Must Have” a track record of being an approachable and externally facing leader, actively engaging with the community, donors, investors, and partners. They should have deep understanding of nonprofit ecosystem, and the role of advocacy
  • The ideal candidate “Must Have” extensive prior experience securing funds from diverse sources, including grants, investors, and financial institutions. The ideal candidate should possess the confidence and skill to effectively make funding requests and excel in managing capital relationships with banks and funders. Moreover, they should demonstrate a genuine commitment to supporting the organization’s mission while driving sustainable growth


Compensation and Benefits

Propel Nonprofits’ Salary is commensurate with experience, within the framework of the organization’s annual operating budget, as well as excellent benefits and perks including but not limited to:

Comp Range $200-240K



Life, Short and Long-Term Disability Insurance

403(b) Retirement Plan

Generous paid time off program

How to Apply

Please email cover letter and resume to