Board Candidate

David Beck


Director of Public Policy and Media Relations

Self-Help Credit Union


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David’s Candidate Speech

David’s Candidate Statement


Hello! I am David Beck, Director of Policy at Self-Help, headquartered in Durham, NC. I am excited to run for re-election to the OFN Board of Directors and hope to earn one of your CDFI’s votes.

My interest in serving on the board remains rooted in my passion to help CDFIs and OFN members better assist the communities and people we serve by leverage our expertise to help shape public policy. I am active in many CDFI-oriented practice and policy coalitions, including the National Childcare Facilities Network, the Charter School Lenders Coalition, the National Disability Finance Coalition, the Capital Magnet Fund Coalition, and the Homeownership Alliance. These groups helped inspire Reinvestment Fund and Self-Help to partner in forming the Food Lenders Network, which aims to help CDFI food system lenders learn from each other and act on relevant public policies to support a more equitable food system. Our first meeting in September included engaging presentations on new USDA-CDFI partnership opportunities, including CDFI participation in the USDA’s nascent Heirs Property Relending Program.


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