Executive Director

Company: CDFI Friendly Evansville Region

Locations: Evansville, IN; Henderson, KY; , All

Job Function: Community Outreach


CDFI Friendly Evansville Region (CFER) is a startup nonprofit corporation formed to substantially increase financing by community development financial institutions (CDFIs) and others in the fourteen-county region across Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana. CDFI Friendly Evansville Region is an independent nonprofit corporation governed by a 15-person Board of Directors. CFER provides critical matchmaking services identifying and pairing local borrowers to CDFIs, almost all of which are headquartered elsewhere. Our business plan estimates that CDFI Friendly Evansville Region could produce more than $100 million in new CDFI financing in the Region by year-end 2028.


The Executive Director will lead the newly formed CDFI Friendly Evansville Region. This is a startup corporation, and the Executive Director will be the first hire. The Executive Director will oversee all aspects of the startup and operations of the organization and so must demonstrate experience and ability to lead and manage through the startup phase through at least 2024. The Executive Director must be self-directed and able to implement and build on the current CDFI Friendly Evansville Region approach to the Regional market. She or he must bring the capacity, willingness, and determination to deepen their market knowledge. This person will market the company to entrepreneurs, business owners, consumers, affordable housing developers, commercial real estate developers, and referral sources to identify prospective CDFI borrowers and make matches with capital sources. The Executive Director will also market opportunities to invest in and manage CDFI Friendly Evansville Region’s Capital Enhancement Fund, a revolving loan fund that will provide pari passu (equal) credit enhancements to CDFIs lending in the Region. The Executive Director will assume primary responsibility for community relations, program development, management, fundraising, capitalization, public relations, and other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors


Community Relations & Program: Increase awareness of CFER among stakeholders and customers. ● Represent CDFI Friendly Evansville Region in the local community and neighborhoods, promoting its goals and services, and within the CDFI industry locally, regionally, and nationally, promoting CFER’s goals and services, advocating, and advancing local financing opportunities. ● Develop outreach, marketing, and other materials to distribute to potential partners, investors, funders, and allies. ● Able to bring together people across multiple areas of expertise and diverse cultures; committed to targeted outreach to and funding for historically excluded populations ● Ensure a clear understanding of the goals and mission of CDFI Friendly Evansville Region throughout the region. ● Conduct organized and effective public relations efforts in local and CDFI markets through social media, the CDFI Friendly Evansville Region website, printed materials, public relations, and direct communications. ● Actively pursue CDFI financing for Evansville Region applicants. ● Coordinate CDFI Friendly Evansville Region’s work with investors, funders, local government, and others pursuing aligned goals. ● Participate in CDFI industry activities to track CDFI priorities, promote CFER Evansville Region, and seek financing partners. ● Negotiate and structure financing using CDFI Friendly Evansville Region’s defined products, present financing opportunities to CDFI Friendly Evansville Region’s Investment Committee and Board, close transactions, and monitor investments and portfolio performance. ● Develop and propose programmatic changes and/or enhancements in pursuit of CDFI Friendly Evansville Region’s mission and purpose. ● Collaborate with related initiatives and programs that promote community development and economic opportunity in the Evansville Region.
Management & Fundraising: Startup and implement the new nonprofit corporation. ● Set up and implement operating systems, including financial management, operational policies, loan policies, and other core functional procedures. ● Create and implement procedures and documentation to close funding and financing as well as other contractual business relationships for CDFI Friendly Evansville Region. ● Raise funds, as determined in partnership with CDFI Friendly Evansville Region’s Board of Directors, to ensure ongoing operations and organizational sustainability. ● Hire and supervise CDFI Friendly Evansville Region staff. ● Develop and maintain a positive relationship with the CDFI Friendly Evansville Region Board of Directors. Organize meetings with and report regularly to the Board and to investors on programmatic outcomes & performance. ● Keep the Board informed about market conditions, particularly changes in the CDFI industry and credit markets generally. ● Work with CDFI Friendly America to ensure implementation and operations are consistent with CDFI Friendly Evansville Region’s business plan, its planning process, and industry best practices. ● Maintain and track fundraising results. ● Provide strategic direction and leadership, including recommending to the Board of Directors possible improvements in the organization’s strategy and program.


This position involves an unusual blend of community organizing, startup experience, financing, nonprofit management, and local market knowledge. The Executive Director must have strong financial, writing, speaking, public relations, management, leadership, and planning skills. She or he must be able to work in both the local community with partners that bring diverse backgrounds and skills and in the financial marketplace of CDFIs, banks, and foundations. They should be skilled organizers able to bring together people across multiple areas of expertise and diverse cultures. Bilingual ability is an advantage. They must be able to work in a startup environment and with a Board of Directors.

The Executive Director must have either (a) substantial professional work experience, related expertise, industry knowledge, and/or appropriate abilities; or (b) a bachelor’s degree. We seek someone with at least ten (10) years of relevant professional work experience, including management, credit, and public-facing duties such as public relations. Ten or more years of experience or comparable experience in business, management, economic or community development, banking, and/or finance is a plus. This position will be located in the Evansville region and cannot be filled remotely. Strong candidates will demonstrate the ability to work independently, lead an organization, and continuously grow in responsibility in their work.

Compensation and Benefits

CDFI Friendly Evansville Region will offer a competitive salary of $80,000 to $110,000 based on the candidate’s experience and a benefits package.

How to Apply

Please submit your cover letter and resume to info@CDFIFriendlyEvansville.org