Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Company: Tenfold

Location: Lancaster, PA

Job Function: Accounting


Tenfold is a non-profit organization focused on serving our clients’ housing and credit issues.  Our CDFI Lending division focuses on lending for first time home buyers in Lancaster and York counties.


Oversee all accounting activity related to general business operations, budgetary and cash management activities, and prepare financial reports for board and management. Manage the Support department and all support department related functions.  Coordinate management of Tenfold owned properties and oversee information technology activities. Participate on the Executive Leadership Team, which includes implementing changes to align with the strategic plan, mission and core values.


  1. Essential Finance/Accounting Functions:
  1. Prepare monthly balance sheets and profit & loss statements for both Tenfold and Tenfold Community Lending.
  2. Analyze financial statements and prepare summary reports and recommendations for Finance Committee and Board of Directors.
  3.  Develop and report against annual operating, capital, reserve and trust fund budgets.
  4. Manage operating, capital, reserve, and trust fund revenues/expenditures.
  5. Prepare and distribute biweekly payroll. Prepare and file necessary federal, state and local payroll tax forms.
  6. Prepare deposits on all accounts, oversee printing of checks on all accounts.
  7. Review reconciliations of all bank statements to general ledgers.
  8. Monitor loan portfolio, collect data, perform analysis and prepare reports of portfolio and activities and performance for Tenfold Community Lending.
  9. Assist with review of Tenfold Community Lending loan closing documentation, and oversee the use and maintenance of loan servicing system.
  10. Manage purchasing of office supplies, equipment, and services.
  11. Oversee purchased contracted services and remediate any deficiencies found.
  12. Oversee preparation of monthly rent receivable, accounts receivable and accounts payable reports.
  13. Create and reconcile contract and grant proposal budgets.
  14. Ensure accurate entry of all grants and contracts into grant management software.
  15. Prepare for and assist auditors with all audits.
  16. Oversee administration of health insurance and retirement benefits for staff.
  1. Essential Support Department Functions:
  1. Select, supervise and evaluate support staff (Accounting Assistant, Accounting Specialist, and IT Director).
  2. Determine the training needs and opportunities for the support department.
  1. Essential Property Management Functions: 
  1. Work with Executive Coordinator in the management of all Tenfold owned properties.
  2. Work with Executive Coordinator to obtain and evaluate quotes for any repairs needed at properties.
  1. Essential Information Technology Functions: 
  1. Oversee IT Director in the administration of all IT policies and procedures.
  2. Make recommendations for changes to IT equipment and policy.
  1. Other Essential Functions:
  1. Assist the CEO in identifying and managing risks Tenfold faces in its operations.
  2. Other duties as assigned by the CEO.
  1. Supervision Exercised:
  1. Supervise the Accounting Assistant, Accounting Specialist, and IT Director. Indirect management of Human Resources Specialist.





  1. Minimum Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  1. Computer literacy – understanding of databases, networks, accounting systems and other software used in the course of work performed.
  2. CPA license or master’s degree in Accounting or Business Administration preferred.
  3. Attention to detail and the ability to see Tenfold’s needs as a whole.
  4. Commitment to help less fortunate individuals.
  5. Problem solving skills.
  6. Demonstrated leadership ability to motivate, promote, supervise and administer.
  7. Comfortable working with people of diverse income, cultural, ethnic backgrounds, and in working as a team member.
  8. A commitment to empowering others to solve their own problems.
  9. The ability to establish respectful relationships with persons served to help them gain skills and confidence.
  10. The ability to work collaboratively with other personnel and/or service providers or professionals.
  11. The capacity to maintain a helping role and to intervene appropriately to meet service goals.



  1. Commitment to Tenfold’s Core Values:
  • We Value Empowerment
  • We value Innovation
  • We Value Integrity
  • We Value Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • We Value Teamwork



  1. Time Requirements:

Normal working hours:  8:00 – 5:00.  However, this position is salaried.   Work during budget times, monthly close out, year-end audits and at other times may require more than 40 hours a week and some evenings.


  1. Classification:

This position is classified as exempt from overtime and compensation is paid on a salaried basis.



Compensation and Benefits

$75,000 – $85,000 annually

Full benefit package

How to Apply

Please email a resume to :  Sandra Schnee